Mother’s Day 2022


Choice of Appetizer:

      *.Fried Calamary – – – – – – – served with a reduction of balsamic vinaigrette sauce.
      *. Seafood Clams – – – stuffed with chopped clams, scallops and shirmp served with lemon, butter and white wine sauce. 
       *.Caprese – – – – – – – – –  slices of fresh Mozzarella cheese over slices of fresh tomatoes topped with Italian vinaigrette and basil.
       *. Penne a la Vodka – – – – –famous Chef Andres special vodka sauce (light tomato sauce with a touch of cream and vodka liquor).  AVAILABLE AS MAIN COURSE

Salad Included: 

Spring Mix  – – –  Made with mix greens and topped with tomatoes, onions, cucumber radish garnish with white beans and celery mix drizzled with Balsamic vinaigrette dressing. 

Choice of Main Course:

1.- Coccineto: . . . . a layer of chicken and veal stuffed with Prosciutto di Parm, Fontina & Parmesan cheeses, eggplant in a veal stock, white wine, Italian seasoning topped with mushrooms and vegetables sautéed. 

2.- New York Sirloin steak: . . . topped with sautéed onions and mushrooms with a touch of brandy served with vegetables.

3.- Stuffed Alaska Wild Salmon: . . .  with a mousse of crab meat, scallops and shrimp served with lobster sauce and vegetables sautéed. 

4.-  Broiled Grouper :  . . . with a jumbo scallop & shrimp served with scampi sauce (lemon juice, garlic, butter and white wine sauce) and vegetables.

5.- Pasta Sacchetti. . . . . . stuffed with Truffle mushroom and Italian cheeses served with vodka sauce (light tomato sauce, vodka liquor and a touch of cream).   

6. Chicken Parmigiana served with pasta with light tomato and basil sauce.

7. Veal Sicilian . . . . . . veal scaloppini topped with eggplant, zucchini and melted mozzarella cheese with capellini pasta with tomato and basil sauce. 

Coffee, Hot tea and Dessert included.
$ 42.95 per person. No Tax, gratuity or drinks included.
Make your reservation at 203-743-6804

A 3.99% customer service fee is applied to all restaurant sales. (Paid Cash and get 3.49% discount).